Diverse Keno Games: Dive into Popular Variations & Rules

Classic Keno

Classic Keno is the quintessential game, echoing the time-honored traditions of its ancient origins. It’s a testament to the game’s undying allure, where players, armed with hope and strategy, select their chosen numbers, watching with bated breath as the drawn numbers are revealed. Simplicity is the hallmark of Classic Keno, making it the perfect starting point for novices and a nostalgic return for veterans.


Players choose between 1 to 15 numbers (sometimes up to 20) from a pool of 80.

The game then randomly draws 20 numbers.

Payouts are based on how many chosen numbers match the drawn numbers.


Way Keno

Journeying into the realm of possibilities, Way Keno elevates the game’s complexity, offering players multiple “ways” to win. This version calls for enhanced strategic foresight, as players weave through various number combinations, seeking that perfect blend that maximizes their winning potential. It’s a variant for thinkers, those who relish the challenge of crafting the best groupings for their bets.


Players choose multiple groups of numbers, betting on each group.

A single card can have several bets.

For example, a player could bet on the numbers 1-5 as one group and 6-10 as another, then also bet on a combination of both groups.


Power Keno

In the adrenaline-charged world of Power Keno, every draw brims with heightened anticipation. While the gameplay mirrors its classic counterpart, there’s an electrifying twist: the potential of the 20th drawn number to magnify winnings. This potent multiplier effect has cemented Power Keno’s reputation as a favorite among thrill-seekers, eagerly awaiting that game-changing final number.


Gameplay is similar to Classic Keno.

If the 20th number drawn matches one of the player’s selected numbers, any win from that round is quadrupled.


Super Keno

Super Keno turns the tables, placing immense significance on the inaugural number drawn. Much like its Power sibling, this variant offers a tantalizing multiplier, but it’s the very first drawn number that holds the key to quadrupled winnings. For players, the beginning of the draw becomes a pulse-racing moment, setting the stage for what’s to come.


Gameplay mirrors Classic Keno.

If the first number drawn is one of the player’s selections, any win from that round is quadrupled.


Combination Keno

Strategists find their haven in Combination Keno, where bets transcend beyond mere number selections. Here, players can artfully weave a tapestry of number combinations, each with its distinct bet. The allure lies in the multitude of ways one can win, making every game a puzzle waiting to be deciphered.


Players can make a combination of bets using different groupings of numbers.

Each combination is considered a separate bet.

Offers more ways to win, but requires a deeper understanding of number groupings.


Progressive Keno

For those dreaming of jackpot glory, Progressive Keno is the holy grail. While the core gameplay echoes Classic Keno, there’s a steadily accumulating jackpot in the backdrop. Players are not just playing for regular wins but also have an eye on that ever-growing prize pot, knowing that a specific set of matches could trigger a windfall.


Gameplay resembles Classic Keno.

A progressive jackpot accumulates over time and is awarded if a player hits a specific number of matches.


Bonus Ball Keno

Sprinkling an added layer of excitement, Bonus Ball Keno hinges on an additional draw at the end. While the main game unfolds in the traditional sense, it’s the bonus ball that can tip the scales, offering players enhanced rewards should their selections align with this extra draw.


Similar to Classic Keno in most respects.

A bonus ball is drawn at the end.

If a player’s chosen numbers match the bonus ball, they receive extra winnings.



The world of Keno is vast and varied. Whether you’re a purist sticking to Classic Keno or a thrill-seeker chasing Progressive jackpots, there’s a Keno variation tailored to your preferences. As always, regardless of the version, remember to play responsibly and savor the excitement that each draw brings.